Innovating Streets for Good – Future Streets


What is a street and what can it be?  As part of this collection, Billy Riggs will drop 40 exclusive NFT collectible color graphics of how we can rethink streets in the future to support the social, cultural, and economic fabric of our cities. From his new book End of the Road, this NFT supports social innovation programs at the University of San Francisco.

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Billy Riggs NFTs NFT Benefits

In addition to this graphic, community members will each receive a signed copy of the book, to be shipped to the address on file upon release in late May / early June. Buyers will receive a digital wallet for storing the NFT within the following week of purchase.  All net proceeds support civic innovation programs at the University of San Francisco School of Management.

End of the Road: Reimagining the Street as the Heart of the City ( on how streets can be dynamic places for community regeneration and challenges readers to retake such valuable spaces not just for walking and biking, but for dining, shopping, living, and working, and to make them part of more vibrant and livable communities.